Sourdough Cranberry-Orange Bread is a Delightful Holiday (or anytime) Treat

Among all the super-sweet and overly rich holiday treats, here's one that's not. In fact it packs a bit of a tang amid the moist, cornmeal laced bread. 

Sourdough Butterflake Refrigerator Rolls

I suppose I wouldn't have to serve Sourdough Butterflake Rolls every Thanksgiving, but I always do. Light and buttery, they are baked in muffin tins after the turkey comes out of the oven so they are fresh and warm when the feasting begins. Nothing tastes as good a fresh rolls right out of the oven! They have become a beloved tradition in our home and some might say that they enjoy them even more than the turkey!

Never Eat a Cold Cookie: Big Batch Mixing for Warm Cookies Anytime

The roar of the school bus was followed by distinct screech of brakes and the squeak of the opening bus door. Someone was home from school! Soon the back door was flung open and then slammed shut. On the table sat plate of homemade cookies welcoming the hungry student. He saw them immediately and sauntered over and grabbed one. 

"Hey, these cookies are cold!" 

Guilty. I plead guilty to spoiling that young man. (Although he did grow up to become a rather nice guy.)

 But admit it. You prefer your homemade cookies warm as well.  

Spicy Valentine Cookies say "I Love You"

Cookies = Love. 

Doesn't it? 

And these cookies happen to say "I love you very much". 

At least when I make them.

Skillet Cookies are a Yummy Gluten-free and Dairy-free Choice

It's okay to love these cookies because they are both gluten-free and dairy-free. Sometimes you have to choose your food by what isn't in it and these cookies are a fine choice. Their true value, however, is that they are just an excellent cookie regardless of diet preferences. Very tasty!